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This amazing hand-drawn map of London is the work of illustrator Jenni Sparks. With so many details, it’s truly one of the greatest maps we’ve seen this year. On her Behance profile, Jenni states:

I was commissioned to create a map of London that would deviate from the norm and represent the city in all it’s vibrant, historic and eccentric glory. We wanted to make something that was not aimed purely at tourists, and instead focus on the local aspect of each borough of London. The map includes social stereotypes, famous landmarks, historical information, the nightlife and other quirky facts that even locals might not know.

This was a feat of endurance, and I was spending 12-14 hours a day drawing, only stopping for short breaks to eat and make coffee!

If you need this on your wall, you can get it at Evermade.

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Wendy Gold uses vintage (no longer geographically accurate) globes and transforms them into beautifully handmade works of art. You can even have a custom one made!

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